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Group walk at MacDonald WalksAre your walks suitable for single people? This was a question my hubby, Ross creator of MacDonald Walks was asked recently by a lady from Australia. Well, we’re by no means a dating agency but if you happen to meet the person of your dreams on our walks and why wouldn’t you?……………then in my mind it’s an added bonus! Scotland is one of the most romantic locations in the world! Think Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora McDonald, Rabbie Burns and his passionate poetry and it’s no wonder many are swept off their feet. But, if you don’t meet the person of your dreams, you most certainly will “fall in love” with Scotland. So give it a go and “feeeeeel the luuuuuv”. On a serious note ahem ahem, how many mountains in Scotland are over 4,400 ft? Ben Nevis, MacDonald Walks

1) One 2) Four 3) Five

Yip it’s a grand total of one – it’s the famous Ben Nevis standing at 4,409 ft. Although not the most impressive result compared to the Alps, it’s the scenery and remoteness that draws the walker to Scotland. The famous John Knox, one of the leading figures of the Scottish Reformation, said “Give me Scotland or I die”, such was his passion about his beautiful homeland! During the summer and some of Spring and Autumn no special equipment is required which is an added bonus for those of you who want to stretch that ramble into a bona fide and very respectable mountain climb. Some of you may ask why Scotland, but if you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance you’re already intrigued by the Scottish landscape. I recently visited the Luib Hotel, in the heart of rural Perthshire. Receiving the most wonderful welcome from owners, Nelly and James, ensured we felt relaxed and comfortable the whole evening. We were wined and dined on beautiful food and wine with some light entertainment flung in, albeit from other guests talented in the art of guitar playing. Consequently a sing song ensued around the log fire with songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Luib Hotel Yes, it was a surprise that I seemed to know all the words, after all I’m only in my forties! Anyway, as I’m planning walking The West Highland Way for the second time, a wee trip to The Luib Hotel is calling. Can’t wait to unwind from the days trek and rejuvenate my muscles for the day ahead. Ross and I are really looking forward to getting know our MacDonald Walk customers who’ll be joining us and we can’t wait to show them the delights of Scotland. What if I were to say to you that there’s a company out there that can provide bespoke hill walking holiday packages? In other words, you tell them exactly what you’re looking for in a hill walking and sightseeing holiday in Scotland and they put it together! Hey presto – that’s exactly what MacDonald Walks do. Contact us Customers are mesmerised with the beautiful scenery and amazing Scottish restaurants and pubs on route. HaggisFresh produce and the biggest selection of whiskies you could imagine adds to the uniqueness of the characters you will meet along the way. Be prepared to meet B&B owners who take great pride in running their Bed and Breakfast establishments with love and care, ensuring all is very clean and tidy AND do expect to receive a superb full Scottish breakfast. Yes one thing’s for sure – a Scottish welcome is truly a beautiful thing and to answer the original question – MacDonald Walks is suitable for both single and attached alike!

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